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LB Accountants LLP is your St. Catharines, ON destination for all of your personal accounting services. Whether you need help filing a single personal tax return, preparing several government returns to be filed at once, or calculating various schedule and deductible programs that are specific to your personal situation, we'll be happy to help you along the oft-confusing road of preparing taxes and ultimately ensuring that they are done so that you’re able to enjoy peace of mind and achieve maximum financial benefit.

As part of our personal services, we’re happy to help you prepare:

Personal tax returns and schedules, including self-employment business, rental properties, and investment income sources.

Deductible and refundable programs, including donation, rent/property taxes, fitness credit, arts, credit, medical, RRSP, child care, and employment expenses.

Government returns, including T1 - Personal Tax Return, T2 - Corporate Tax Return, T3 - Family Trusts and Charitable Annual Returns, T-4 Employee Wage Slips and Summary, T-5 Investment Income Slips and Summary, WSIB, EHT, and HST.

Other miscellaneous schedules and deductible programs

Want to learn more about our personal accounting services, or what we can do to make your tax preparation significantly easier? Give us a call at 905-397-1099 today to get your free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!